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If you're looking to get your lean, fit, strong and attractive body back you have come to the right place!

At All Sorts Fitness you will receive a clear plan on how to achieve your health and fitness goals, you will given all the tools you need to succeed (including nutrition support) and you will have access to the very best trainer Brisbane has to offer.
Client Sucess Story

Anthony Pasmore knows better than most that injuries are not fun. Despite the set backs caused by various injuries he has changed his body forever.
Joel Scutt - Director
All Sorts Fitness
Recipe Of The Month

Veggie Burger


2/3 x cup Black Beans  1/4 x Onion
1/4 x cup Rolled oats 
1 x teaspoon Chili powder
1 x Small Egg  Salt to taste
Pepper to taste  2 x Burger Bun
4 x Lettuce Leaf

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